VIP CPA: Concierge Accounting and CPA Services

VIP CPA was founded by an entrepreneurial CPA who had spent decades in the "traditional" accounting firm model.  He had a vision for CPAs to partner with clients who come to them every year (versus just being a vendor), and believed that some in the accounting profession had become more "historians of the numbers" than partners in legacy planning.

So the VIP CPA exclusive membership program was created to equip consumers with the best CPAs and business advisors in the country. Our concierge CPA services provide the attention and resources you need, and the operational support your CPA relies on, to transform your finances and secure your future.

On average, your VIP CPA will have about half as many clients as a traditional accounting firm CPA-to-client model can support. This allows our VIP CPAs to meet with you whenever you want, to plan with you BEFORE the end of the tax year, and to meet directly and regularly with your attorney and financial advisors to make sure everyone is on the same page. We work with you in an executive assistant capacity to ensure strategic planning with significant additional benefits at no added cost.

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