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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Concierge CPA

Although 69% of Americans believe they have a high level of financial knowledge, only 24% are able to demonstrate even basic financial literacy, according to a study from the National Endowment for Financial Education. Most aren't sure about their current financial picture, they are uncertain about the tax implications of major purchases, and they don't know what to do if they are audited by the IRS.

Unfortunately, the average CPA with 300 clients is often pulled in too many different directions to be able to offer much in the way of personalized financial advice.

4 Things to Know About Concierge CPA Services

What Is Concierge Accounting?

Concierge CPAs are the newest trend in the accounting business, which otherwise hasn't changed much in the past century. Concierge CPAs cater to an exclusive client list, providing a level of personalized attention and financial advice formerly reserved for high net worth families.

Concierge CPAs – Myths and Realities

Myth 1: Concierge CPAs are just for the wealthy.
In the past it may have been, but this is not the case anymore; however, as the CPA population is aging, it is the future of the profession and makes more sense for a CPA looking to pull back on their hours.