Concierge Services

Your CPA will provide you with the personalized service traditionally reserved for the ultra wealthy. From annual planning meetings with your attorney and financial advisors to personal financial statements, you will receive ultra-wealthy benefits at no added cost. Learn more

Convenient Scheduling

Our CPAs serve a fraction of the clients that is customary in the industry, so they are able to meet with you and spend more time with you, when you want. Additionally, gain peace of mind with CPAs, financial advisors, and tax attorneys available to answer your questions around the clock. Learn more

Individuals & Businesses

Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur with your own business, your VIP CPA will spend the time with you to help craft your financial future and legacy in line with your goals. Learn more

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Our concierge model allows you to have
more time with your CPA so you can get the
strategic planning and attention you deserve.

Read Our Clients’ Stories

The VIP CPA Insight

Accounting Firm Las Vegas

VIP CPA started out as an idea in the mind of an entrepreneurial CPA who had spent decades in the "traditional" accounting firm model. He believed their had to be a better way for CPAs to partner with clients who came to them every year (versus just being a vendor), and who believed that some in the accounting profession had become more of a "historian of the numbers" than a partner for legacy planning.

The VIP CPA Difference

Financial Advisors Las Vegas

On average, your VIP CPA will have about half of the clients that a traditional accounting firm model supports. This allows VIP CPAs to have more time to meet with you regularly, to plan with you BEFORE the end of the tax year, and to meet directly and regularly with your attorney and financial advisors to make sure all advisors are on the same page.