A better way to fully help -- not merely service -- your clients

Our VIP CPAs have rekindled their passion for accounting, enjoy more personal relationships with clients, and experience better financial outcomes.

Benefits of becoming a VIP CPA

  • Practice accounting on your own terms
  • Better serve clients with more time on your hands
  • Apply the latest technologies to improve client satisfaction
  • Receive support from a professional and passionate network of experts
  • Gain peace of mind with a team of outsourced executive assistants always at the ready
  • Participate in continuing education programs at discounted rates
  • Leverage advanced metrics and industry trends to enhance your service
  • Boost client retention with insightful quarterly newsletters
  • Benefit from a national marketing campaign to build awareness to the importance of concierge accounting firms as the future of the industry.
  • Optimize your online presence with our social media management service (optional)

How It Works

Once you’re a part of the VIP CPA network, you become one of a few hundred CPAs chosen for your passion and accounting expertise. This gives you time for each and every client, allows you to work more efficiently with the resources you need, and ultimately leads to more time for your loved ones and yourself.

Your clients will get the personalized attention they deserve, while you get to work more efficiently to maximize profits. It’s a win-win solution for everyone.

If you wish to have more time for your clients, grow and expand your knowledge as a CPA, or ensure an exit strategy for retirement, we can help. Experience the benefits which our concierge accounting model can have on your client’s lives and yours.

Exit Planning for CPAs

If you are in the later stages of your career, this is a perfect first step as we will agree to purchase your client base when you are ready to retire. This should give you the peace of mind to know you have this option taken care of when you are ready to move on to the next phase of your life and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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